Lexapro and Seroquel Taper Schedule

Starting Medications:

Lexapro (Escitalopram Oxalate) – 20 mg

Starting doses of both meds.
  • I have been on this med for at least 2 years.  I’ve been on various SRI’s for 12 years.
  • My side effects:  constipation and low libido

 Seroquel (Quetiapine Fumarate) – 75 mg 

  • I have been on this med for about  a year.  My Lexapro dose stopped working (I started to get depression symptoms) and so my MD added this medication to supplement it.
  • My side effects:  crazy tiredness, excessive sleep, upset stomach, stomach pain, constipation.

February 14, 2018 – Started Detox.  Mostly fruit, juice, raw salads and occasional rice or other foods. (Looking back on the date, it was Valentines’ day!  Quite the gift of self love I gave myself!)

(Quetiapine) Seroquel Taper Schedule

Feb 16 – Reduced to 63.5 mg for 8 days.

Seroquel Taper Schedule
All the Seroquel (Quetiapine) pills I will NOT be putting in my body. Choosing healing live foods instead!

Feb 24 – Reduced to 50 mg for 6 days

March 3 – Reduced to 38.5 mg for 7 days

March 10 – Reduced to 25 mg for 7 days

March 17 – Reduced to 13.5 mg for 14 days (went through a rough spell and detox specialist warned that I was coming off meds (too fast)

March 310!  And pretty much no side effects from 13.5 mg to 0!  Whoot!

(Escitalopram) LexaproTaper Schedule

After mentally preparing to reduce this one (the fear was intense! This is an SSRI, and I’ve been on them for 12 years!) I woke up Wednesday Apr 4, 2018 and just KNEW that today was the day.  And I can face whatever temporary challenges arise!

Apr 4 – Reduced to 17.5 mg for 15 days (Apr 4 afternoon headache and intense evening irritability.  Woke up next day  much better.

Apr 19 – Reduced to 15 mg for 2 days.  (Mild headache and 2 nights of insomnia)

Lexapro Taper Schedule
Feeling vibrant without any more medications!

April 21 – Reduced to 10 mg for 1 day.  (Mild headache and irritability  I hadn’t intended to reduce again so soon!  I was up with insomnia the night before, slept in, then forgot to take my dose.  I could feel in my body that I was ready to drop the dose again).

Apr 220!  (I stopped altogether! While I did this out of anger, I was ready to just make the final leap as the previous side effects had been mild.  So I felt this was safe. I experienced one last day of headache, being incredibly tired (I slept all that afternoon) and was again irritable in the evening.  And then I awakened the next day to mild tiredness, but also the bliss of feeling vital and vibrant without medication!)


Accelerated (Escitalopram) LexaproTaper – I attribute this fast-paced taper to a few factors:

  1. My Lexapro taper effects were less intense than with Seroquel.  I was not completely surprised by this because the side effects of starting Lexapro were mild.  (I recall feeling just a positive, slow mood lift, then gradual constipation and low libido).
  2. I had been detoxing my body since February 14.  I felt like I had a strong and efficient cleansing system.  I also stayed strict in eating mostly fruit, as it felt like this was helping flush the medication.
  3. I did the hardest soul healing work during this time.  Experiencing Transformation Breathing & Rebirthing Breathwork in a single session was extremely healing, both emotionally and spiritually.  I felt like it greatly excelled my journey.

Click here to see my symptoms and side effects comparison chart.  It’s really interesting!