My Clinic Intake Form for Depression – Feb 2018

This is the information a doctor or practitioner may (or may not?!)  have asked me.  It includes physical, emotional and spiritual details that I feel contributed both to my depression and the journey to my cure.

Year of Birth: 1977

Height: 5′ 4″

Weight: 125 lbs

Avg Blood Pressure:  123/70


1998My father passed away of lymphatic cancer.  We were very close, and this was a major loss for me.

2000 – I got in a car accident.  Vehicle struck my car on the front, right side.  I was going about 60 km per hour.  Suffered whiplash to the left side of my neck.  I have had neck pain, low back pain and headaches every since.  My musculature has never been the same.

2002 – I got into the gym hard in my attempt to strengthen my sore body.  I competed in an All Naturals Body Building Competition.  I consider this a trauma for a few reasons: I used a lot of supplements, consumed mostly acid forming foods, I lost a lot of weight FAST to get ready for stage, then ballooned in my weight FAST over a few weeks, plus developed a real chocolate addiction (magnesium deficiency?).  I was also the most constipated I had ever been in my life!  Ugh.


My Medical Depression Diagnosis

Early 2007 – I woke up one morning crying uncontrollably for what felt like no reason.  I went to my MD and was diagnosed as having clinical depression.  I was told my chemicals were imbalanced, and I may need to be on medications for the rest of my life.  The root cause of depression was unknown.  I started, what would be 12 years of numerous anti-depressants medications.

My Genetic History of Depression:

Immediate Family:

Paternal:  My grandmother (she also had 12 children!!  eek!)

Maternal:  My grandmother (used to get shock therapy) and my grandfather.


1997:  Breast lump removal.  Benign.

2012:  Emergency appendicitis (surgeon said it was the largest, most swollen appendix he had removed).

2015:  Hernia repair

2017:  Second hernia repair

2017:  Diastasis Repair (my abdominal muscles were stretched open after my second pregnancy.  You could put 2.5 fingers into my belly button and feel my organs.  After three years of working with therapists and doing regular exercises, I could not get them to close.  Finally went the surgical route.)