Headache: What’s A Girl To Do?

What’s a girl to do who has a headache, lives in Vietnam and loves to try new things?

My first Indian Head Massage. Will do that again!

She gets a one hour Indian head massage for ~$15 cdn!  It was amazing.  I could feel my sinus’s draining down my throat, and pressure relieving throughout my head.

Then I cut up small pieces of fresh tumeric and popped those back with pepper (to activate the cercumin in the tumeric) and lots of water.

See ya headache!  Ahhhh…

For a headache, I pop these little babies!

Post Workout Blended Greens

I woke up with so much energy this morning!  And I am down to my final last half of my Seroquel dose.  It’s a great day!

With all of my energy, I rode my bike to the gym, did a quick and hard weights workout, then rode home.

I didn’t feel like chewing a salad so I asked Anton to split a coconut for me and pour the coconut water into the blender.  Then I added an avocado, tons of greens and mint, some lime juice, salt and blended it up.

I slurped it back with small pieces of tumeric, the size of pills, dipped in black pepper (to activate the circumin in tumeric).  This will really help me recover with less inflammation.

I wouldn’t say that it was delicious (I prefer juiced greens after exercise) but the nutrition felt right and I’d do it again!

My Intuitive Healing Session with Tania Guidolin

I met Tania at a Hoi An Social Club night, and just loved her energy!  Turned out she is a Mindfulness Educator, Holistic Intuitive Life coach and works with Energy Medicine.

So as life goes, we continued to run into each other.  Once I started my fruit detox, it became clear that I would benefit from an energy session with her. (I hope you may one day get the chance to work with her or someone like her!)

Her session was very relaxing, but my mind wandered a lot while she worked with my energy.  I was quite alert.  I realized I was craving mushrooms with my lunch (grounding?), I started to think about how I would deal with critics of my writing, and I thought to just send those people love.  The image for my blog banner popped in my

The fabulous Tania Guidolin and myself.  She is so radiant!

head – the specific red dress I had seen in a shop window, on the beach with me running at the camera.  Fun stuff!

At the end of our session (apparently at the exact moment that Tania swept her hand over my body to clear the energy) a very loud airplane went over the building.  Tania felt strongly that this was a sign of my work being “launched”.  And I too know this in my heart.  Wow.

Tania kindly shared this report of our time together,  There is lots for me to process!

Reasons for Healing Session – desires/needs nurturing (as going through detox) confirmation from spirit and intuitive guidance and messages.

Current: body in detox

Session: the energy medicine was as requested and intuited for nourishment as your body is detoxing enough….even too much healing possibly as the energy medicine was light and more focused on recalibrating and nurturing your energy ….because you are clearing enough…as i write this I’m guided to tell you to not have any more reiki or massage while you are detox your body is dealing with enough…

Other messages that came through during the session was a clear image of archangel gabriel in a purple cloak…sitting writing in candlelight…words coming through that writing …is a process for you that is beyond what you conceptualise at this time as you venture into sharing your journey through blog posts with vulnerability and authenticity….”more than you know” …I heard that phrase a few times ….

Further to this some information/guidance on approaching the inner critic and negative self talk, with mindful awareness wrapping the critic with compassion….this means we do not just wrap in love like a bandaid …compassion is far more powerful as it is healing…true compassion is getting to the essence of your inner child wounding where this negative self talk began…seeing this child, telling her its not her fault…the compassion will naturally arise and may even bring tears the first few times you really do this…you are rewriting your DNA with a practice like this…saying to the inner critic “I see you, I know where you come from…I thank you for what I have learned and remove you by your roots with compassion and understanding of who I really am….I am not my thoughts, I am not my emotions….I am…..(I was guided to leave that for you to fill out…I am …..)

While you detox and decrease medication I advise Kelly Brogan as an intellectual support, she is a holistic psychiatrist and can guide you with the information and support you need there.

Please treat any headache with slices (vitamin size) of turmeric and black pepper…the pepper activates the anti-inflammatory property of turmeric called curcumin.

Light & love,

Tania Guidolin, BSc (Psych) Holistic Intuitive life coach, Energy Medicine, Mindfulness Educator

Seeds of Mindfulness: Heart, Art & Science for your Mind, Body, Spirit