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After my last post, my healing journey picked up fast and furious.  I’m working through everything, and it’s an amazing process.  I just don’t have the time yet to update my blog!  So I’ve been trying to keep up with quick posts on my Instagram and Facebook pages.

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I will post on social media when I’ve started updating my blog again.  In the meantime, I hope the information that is here to date is helpful to anyone on a similar journey or witnessing one.

Thank you!



Extra Dental Care When Eating Mostly Fruit

I quickly got to the dentist and had my teeth cleaned. For $2 (cnd).

Kaylie was kind enough to inform me that when we eat a more raw, fruit based diet we need to pay more attention to our dental care.  More fruit means more sugar in our mouths and on our teeth that can cause cavities.

I was advised to add a brushing mid-day, rinse with water after eating fruit, and/or rinse with coconut oil (swish it around the mouth to neutralize acids).

And keeping on top of dental cleanings would be helpful.

Naturally in the wild, animals are always chewing on leaves or bark.  Which makes sense!  But I’m going to pass on the bark and add rinsing and another brushing.  Thanks Kaylie!