What I Ate This Week

Eating this way has been KEY to coming off my medications.  The fruit is allowing my lymph system to cleanse and detox the meds from my system.  I have a strong knowing that I could not have stopped my medications without first opening my toxin drainage system.

Here was my week of exactly what I ate.  (It is not specified, but I drank a lot of fresh water as well).  I’ve also included my med doses and any other supplements.

March 15, 2018

25 mg Seroquel (from 75 mg), 20 mg Lexapro

  • Breakfast:  10 passion fruit
  • Snack: 2.5 dragon fruit
  • Lunch:  chocolate, banana, coconut smoothie   (1 & 3/4 cup fresh coconut milk, 10 baby bananas and 2 tbsp cocoa)
  • Snack:  3 guava
  • Dinner: medium size salad (greens, 1/2 roma tomatoes, olive oil and balsamic dressing, 1/2 cup garlic hummous on top) 3/4 cup blended pumpkin soup (fresh cooked pumpkin blended with ginger and coconut milk)
  • Eve:  1/2 cup banana/cocoa/soy milk smoothie

March 16, 2018

25 mg Seroquel (from 75 mg), 20 mg Lexapro

  • Breakfast: 1/2 large papaya
  • Snack:  13 small bananas
  • Late Lunch:  Smoothie (2 small bananas, 1 cup soy milk, 15 almonds, 2 tbsp cocoa)
  • Dinner:  2 fried eggs and 1 cup cooked white rice (I had sore bowels and felt like I needed to halt the cleansing effect with a cooked meal).  Rice is a fast brake.

March 17, 2018

12.5 mg Seroquel (from 75 mg), 20 mg Lexapro

  • Breakfast:  2 dragon fruit
  • Snack:  2 mangoes
  • Lunch:  13 small bananas and 1 fresh coconut
  • Dinner:  3/4 cup cherry tomatoes, 4 slices cucumber, 1 cup cooked white rice, 2 fried eggs, soy sauce

March 18, 2018

12.5 mg Seroquel (from 75 mg), 20 mg Lexapro

  • First thing: 1 fresh coconut
  • Breakfast:  3 dragon fruit
  • Snack:  2 cups blended greens in coconut water
  • Lunch:  10 small bananas
  • Snack:  1 guava and 21 fresh jack fruit segments
  • Dinner:  papaya salad (shredded papaya, shredded onions, 2 tbsp peanuts, yummy fresh dressing, garlic) 4 fresh salad rolls, peanut sauce, 1/2 cup lime water

March 19, 2018

12.5 mg Seroquel (from 75 mg), 20 mg Lexapro

  • Breakfast: 1 pomelo
  • Snack: 2 mango and 2 guava
  • Lunch: 2 spring rolls (had fried inside pieces), rice noodles with cucumber, lettuce and peanut sauce.  4 squares milk free dark chocolate.
  • Snack:  4 bananas and 1 fresh coconut water
  • Dinner:  4.5 guava

March 20, 2018

12.5 mg Seroquel (from 75 mg), 20 mg Lexapro

  • Breakfast:  3.5 mango
  • Snack:  2 avocado with salt
  • Lunch 1: 1 banana (had insane bowel cramping and didn’t want to eat.  I think I was digesting and passing the fried bits of yesterday’s spring rolls.  Poor detox choice? ha ha!)
  • Lunch 2: 1 medium papaya
  • Snack:  banana cocoa smoothie bowl (4 small bananas, small can natural coconut milk, 1 tbsp honey, 2 tbsp cocoa) and 1 banana chopped on top.
  • Dinner:  2 pomelo

Post Workout Blended Greens

I woke up with so much energy this morning!  And I am down to my final last half of my Seroquel dose.  It’s a great day!

With all of my energy, I rode my bike to the gym, did a quick and hard weights workout, then rode home.

I didn’t feel like chewing a salad so I asked Anton to split a coconut for me and pour the coconut water into the blender.  Then I added an avocado, tons of greens and mint, some lime juice, salt and blended it up.

I slurped it back with small pieces of tumeric, the size of pills, dipped in black pepper (to activate the circumin in tumeric).  This will really help me recover with less inflammation.

I wouldn’t say that it was delicious (I prefer juiced greens after exercise) but the nutrition felt right and I’d do it again!

More Calories for Sore & Weak Legs

Today I woke up with really sore and weak legs.  And feeling weak in general.  I reached out to a detox connection friend on the Fans of Dr. Morse site named Anthony.  He healed his own depression through detox (like many others he says!) after first weaning off of SSRI’s.  (And Benzodiapzepines  which he says are very, very hard to withdraw from.  Sorry you had to go through that Anthony!).

He shared with me the following:

“Your legs feel like that because you are probably not taking in enough calories, which leads to Ketosis.  So your body is pulling glucose from your muscles and if you keep it up your body will begin to use fat for energy.  This is very detoxifying.  Your body wants to conserve energy so your metabolism will slow down and your energy reserves will be used up to clean and repair damaged cells.  Get used to feeling this way because of med withdrawal but it will go away in a few months.”

Fresh OJ for me, and OJ popsicles for the kiddos!

“Just don’t freak out, your body will feel different but it’s okay.  Just up the calories with orange juice and other juices.  You still need to get 1200-1500 calories per day, otherwise you will end up totally depleted in bed after a week or so.  Try adding 1/2 gallon of freshly squeezed OJ per day if you’re not eating enough fruit, you can buy it at the store”.

This information was very helpful, and after a day of adding lots of juice and some avocado, my energy normalized. Whew!

Very grateful for Anthony’s help and advice!