I’ve Started My Final Medication Taper – Lexapro!

Lexapro Antidepressant Taper
Scary and exciting!

After mentally preparing to reduce this medication (the fear is intense! This is an SRI, and I’ve been on them for 12 years!) I woke up April 4, 2018 and just KNEW that that was the day.  And since I already came off one med, I know I can face whatever temporary challenges arise!

So I got out ma knife, cut my 20 mg pill into 17.5 mg and swigged it back. I had great energy, so just before noon I went to the gym for a workout.

Discontinuation Symptoms

On the bike ride to the gym, and when seeing bright TV screens, I could tell that my eyes were sensitive and I had blurry vision.

Antidepressant Discontinuation Symptoms
Headache, blurry eyes, tunnel vision, irritable, brain frustration.

In the evening, my eyes felt set back in my head, I had mild tunnel vision, a headache and heaviness behind my eyes, I as crazy irritable and my brain felt an inner frustration.  Likely because I was not giving it the same level of chemical mood-regulating hormones its been used to.  My brain actually felt pissed off!  ha ha!

Then Improvement

On this day 1, I ate all fruit that day, plus a mostly raw salad for dinner.  And I slept great that night.

The next day (day 2) I ate well again all day until dinner when I craved a cooked meal of rice, fried tofu and cooked veg.  Day 3, after a 10 hour sleep, I woke with inflammation, swollen eyes, sinus pressure and body soreness.  But I could tell that this was a build up response to the cooked foods and my body just craved more detox.  Only my eyes were still slightly blurry but they were coming back into focus!

So really, only one half day of any real discomfort, then minor effects over the next 2 days.  It went better than I expected!

Now I’m going to stay taking this 17.5 mg level until I feel my body has come back to great and I’m ready to do another taper.

My Motivation for Detoxification

Many of us, anywhere along our journeys, have often waited until rock bottom to make a positive change.  This got me thinking in relation to all the videos I watched about Dr. Morse’s detoxification theory and illnesses.

If people are curing their cancers with the detoxification process, why wouldn’t I try to heal my depression now?  And not wait until I have a life threatening illness to make a change?  ie. brain cancer.  (Assuming one neurological condition could be related in any way to another neurological disease.  That’s just my brain going in to extreme “what if” mode.   ha ha!)

My time is now baby.  I’m not a rock bottom kind of girl.  I’ve learned to pay attention to my foot slipping off the rock pile.


Cleansing Effects Chart

This chart was also shared with me by my detox friend Anthony. Very valuable!  It was great to reference when I noticed a new symptom.

And such a huge relief that I started detox now with clinical depression and mostly mild effects vs. waiting until (maybe?) I had a life threatening condition and had to go through the strong cleansing effects.  (My love and hopes for healing to anyone going through such health conditions!)

I used this chart to reference my own cleansing affects.

The China Study: A Medical Resource

During a soccer practice yesterday with our young-ins,  I shared with a new friend my effects of fruit detoxing and eating a plant-based diet.

Potential medical evidence of what’s happening with my detox.

After watching “What the Health” and getting excited, she admitted that afterward her skepticism crept in.  She explained that she is from a medical background, and found some of the information over reached.

I was so happy she shared because it left me with the question – if I’m detoxing and coming off meds so far pretty successfully, are there not any medical publications that support what’s happening to me?

Not coincidentally, someone just last week gave me a copy of the book The China Study by T. Colin Campbell Ph.D and I just started the first two chapters.  I cannot put it down!!  This book seems like it’s going to be a major resource plus references to link alternative case studies with medical evidence.

I will write a formal review once I’ve finished the book.  But take a look in the meantime if this interests you!

What I Ate This Week

Eating this way has been KEY to coming off my medications.  The fruit is allowing my lymph system to cleanse and detox the meds from my system.  I have a strong knowing that I could not have stopped my medications without first opening my toxin drainage system.

Here was my week of exactly what I ate.  (It is not specified, but I drank a lot of fresh water as well).  I’ve also included my med doses and any other supplements.

March 15, 2018

25 mg Seroquel (from 75 mg), 20 mg Lexapro

  • Breakfast:  10 passion fruit
  • Snack: 2.5 dragon fruit
  • Lunch:  chocolate, banana, coconut smoothie   (1 & 3/4 cup fresh coconut milk, 10 baby bananas and 2 tbsp cocoa)
  • Snack:  3 guava
  • Dinner: medium size salad (greens, 1/2 roma tomatoes, olive oil and balsamic dressing, 1/2 cup garlic hummous on top) 3/4 cup blended pumpkin soup (fresh cooked pumpkin blended with ginger and coconut milk)
  • Eve:  1/2 cup banana/cocoa/soy milk smoothie

March 16, 2018

25 mg Seroquel (from 75 mg), 20 mg Lexapro

  • Breakfast: 1/2 large papaya
  • Snack:  13 small bananas
  • Late Lunch:  Smoothie (2 small bananas, 1 cup soy milk, 15 almonds, 2 tbsp cocoa)
  • Dinner:  2 fried eggs and 1 cup cooked white rice (I had sore bowels and felt like I needed to halt the cleansing effect with a cooked meal).  Rice is a fast brake.

March 17, 2018

12.5 mg Seroquel (from 75 mg), 20 mg Lexapro

  • Breakfast:  2 dragon fruit
  • Snack:  2 mangoes
  • Lunch:  13 small bananas and 1 fresh coconut
  • Dinner:  3/4 cup cherry tomatoes, 4 slices cucumber, 1 cup cooked white rice, 2 fried eggs, soy sauce

March 18, 2018

12.5 mg Seroquel (from 75 mg), 20 mg Lexapro

  • First thing: 1 fresh coconut
  • Breakfast:  3 dragon fruit
  • Snack:  2 cups blended greens in coconut water
  • Lunch:  10 small bananas
  • Snack:  1 guava and 21 fresh jack fruit segments
  • Dinner:  papaya salad (shredded papaya, shredded onions, 2 tbsp peanuts, yummy fresh dressing, garlic) 4 fresh salad rolls, peanut sauce, 1/2 cup lime water

March 19, 2018

12.5 mg Seroquel (from 75 mg), 20 mg Lexapro

  • Breakfast: 1 pomelo
  • Snack: 2 mango and 2 guava
  • Lunch: 2 spring rolls (had fried inside pieces), rice noodles with cucumber, lettuce and peanut sauce.  4 squares milk free dark chocolate.
  • Snack:  4 bananas and 1 fresh coconut water
  • Dinner:  4.5 guava

March 20, 2018

12.5 mg Seroquel (from 75 mg), 20 mg Lexapro

  • Breakfast:  3.5 mango
  • Snack:  2 avocado with salt
  • Lunch 1: 1 banana (had insane bowel cramping and didn’t want to eat.  I think I was digesting and passing the fried bits of yesterday’s spring rolls.  Poor detox choice? ha ha!)
  • Lunch 2: 1 medium papaya
  • Snack:  banana cocoa smoothie bowl (4 small bananas, small can natural coconut milk, 1 tbsp honey, 2 tbsp cocoa) and 1 banana chopped on top.
  • Dinner:  2 pomelo