Headache: What’s A Girl To Do?

What’s a girl to do who has a headache, lives in Vietnam and loves to try new things?

My first Indian Head Massage. Will do that again!

She gets a one hour Indian head massage for ~$15 cdn!  It was amazing.  I could feel my sinus’s draining down my throat, and pressure relieving throughout my head.

Then I cut up small pieces of fresh tumeric and popped those back with pepper (to activate the cercumin in the tumeric) and lots of water.

See ya headache!  Ahhhh…

For a headache, I pop these little babies!

Cleansing Effects Chart

This chart was also shared with me by my detox friend Anthony. Very valuable!  It was great to reference when I noticed a new symptom.

And such a huge relief that I started detox now with clinical depression and mostly mild effects vs. waiting until (maybe?) I had a life threatening condition and had to go through the strong cleansing effects.  (My love and hopes for healing to anyone going through such health conditions!)

I used this chart to reference my own cleansing affects.

The China Study: A Medical Resource

During a soccer practice yesterday with our young-ins,  I shared with a new friend my effects of fruit detoxing and eating a plant-based diet.

Potential medical evidence of what’s happening with my detox.

After watching “What the Health” and getting excited, she admitted that afterward her skepticism crept in.  She explained that she is from a medical background, and found some of the information over reached.

I was so happy she shared because it left me with the question – if I’m detoxing and coming off meds so far pretty successfully, are there not any medical publications that support what’s happening to me?

Not coincidentally, someone just last week gave me a copy of the book The China Study by T. Colin Campbell Ph.D and I just started the first two chapters.  I cannot put it down!!  This book seems like it’s going to be a major resource plus references to link alternative case studies with medical evidence.

I will write a formal review once I’ve finished the book.  But take a look in the meantime if this interests you!