Let Food Be Thy Medicine – Really. Truly.

– Hippocrates

We have all seen this quote a gazillion times!  But how many of us REALLY follow this age old wisdom?

I am fully guilty of not, because I didn’t know any better.  I didn’t know about the importance of having an alkaline body vs. acidic.  And all the symptoms that having acidosis cause.  (and I still don’t know fully!  But I’m learning!).

After my workout I intuitively wanted a juice of every green that could be juiced. Plus pineapple and lime. Felt it fuel every cell in my body!  

I invite us all to really look at these words and read them again and again.  Now think about it.  If the foods we have eaten (or not eaten!) have brought us to our current state of health, what can we eat (and not eat?) to bring us healing?  Hmmm???

Osteopathy Treatments – WOW! Healing Catapult!

Yet once again, as per usual every month or less, I got a good headache which always felt like it was coming from my upper neck and the base of my scull.

I’ve always done Chiropractic to ease my discomfort. But with no chiropractor in Hoi An, I went to see an Osteopath who reached out to my online plea for help.  I saw Dr. Mathieu Tieum three times at the Luminary Life health center. 

January 19

First Osteo appointment.  Had good energy after, but went to bed really early.    Woken up twice by the kids.

January 20

Busy day in Danang then the Hoi An Social Club event in the evening.  Went to bed a little later than usual.

January 21

Couldn’t seem to wake up!  (usually up between 6 & 6:30 am).  Finally got up at 8:15.  Napped all afternoon.  Agitated all day.  Went to bed at 7: 15 pm and slept uninterrupted.

January 22

Woke up at 6:00 am.  Went for a walk.  Sore back and left leg.  Still agitated although less.  Mild depression.  Did a gym workout and then beach meditation.  Helped a little.

January 23

Good mood and good energy.  Sore from my workout.  3:30 pm ‘gut rot’ stomach pain and bloating.  (ate at 7:30 am, then not again until 11:30 am when I had Pho soup.  Then chocolate and peanut butter at 2:30 pm)

The magic happened on the third visit. 

February 2

While Dr. Mathieu did work with movement of my physical body, he also helped me connect and ask my highest self what it truly wanted.  He had me focus on a happy place activity and for me that’s hiking.  I saw and felt myself hiking through dense trees, on a blue sky day.  Moving steadily on a mild incline, well marked trail. 

Dr. Mathieu asked me what seeds he could help me plant, and what words they would be.  After some struggle and nothing, I saw the words Vibrant, Flow, and then a few seconds later Aligned appeared.  As though it was saying “wait for me!!”  ha ha! 

After this, for the first time in my meditation journey, I was able to just see light radiating around the middle of my forehead and in between my eyes (what is often taught as the “third eye”).  I had no mind chatter or visualizations at all.  So I was able to focus on the light, let it get stronger, pull back, then focus on it again.  I had control!   It felt amazing; like pure love.  And a radiant smile formed on my face all by itself.

Next I saw a blue light swirling through my whole body, part by part.  It started in my head, swirled down my neck, into both shoulders, my chest and heart,  stomach, down both legs where it hung out a bit in my knees, to my feet and then gone.  I noted that it stayed extra long in my head, jaw, bowels, cervix and knees.

After this, I couldn’t believe what had just happened.  It was magical.  Dr. Mathieu and I chatted about everything very excitedly.  I felt so light and ecstatic.  And my headache (my initial reason for seeking treatment) was long gone.

Gut Healing Advice

Dr. .Mathieu also gave me a recommendation for healing my gut flora.  He suggested that I get a small amount of natural clay, put it in a cup of water and let it settle over night.  In the morning on an empty stomach, give it a little swirl, then drink the water on top of the clay.  Next add more water and let it sit again until the next day.

He also recommended that I try fasting.  I really know nothing about this, so I will need to explore further!  Hmmm!

Sadly, Dr. Mathieu left Hoi An to travel onward a few days later, but I felt like he gave me the tools I need to move forward.

So now, it’s up to me to explore what all that meant, and how I can give my soul the flow, vibrancy and alignment it wants!

Thank you Dr. Mathieu!  I am so grateful for the healing gift you gave me!

(Dr. Mathieu Tieum also practices in Paris, France.  I recommend that you look him up if you’re there!)

Animal Heart Connections

It wasn’t until Hoi An that I had the space and routine to walk everyday.  In the fields I watched little calves trot up to their moms and get licky kisses, birds soar above in their little bird families.  By the river, dogs would frolick alongside me, with happy wagging tails. There are these two geese that are inseparable and honk at me each morning, plus two love ducks that cuddle and watch the river together like an old couple.

All these animals and their natural behaviors awakened a sense of awe and childlike delight about animals I don’t often engage with in Canada. But it was also like I was really witnessing and observing animals in a way I haven’t before.  There was some Hmmm here for sure!

And Now We Have a Pet!?

The morning “Cutie Pie Cute-Cute” came into our lives.

The funniest “what the!?” was when I was walking my son home from school and a kitten came running after him, mewing and trying to cuddle him.  You know the question my son asked was “Mommy, can I keep it?”

My mind flashed to a moment I had told my husband “the only cat I would consider in the future would be a female grey tabby, with light eyes”.  I think you know already that this is exactly the cat that cuddled my son.

I had to act, as I knew that if I walked away I would think about that kitten all day nonstop, then go back to look for it.  So I acted!  For the first time I heard myself say with joy “Yes! You can keep it!”  

It was so nice to flow forward.  And it just felt right!  Like a knowing that this was meant to be (for now in Vietnam or permanent, we haven’t figured that one out yet!) 🙂

The Fruit And Vegetable Market!

Unbelievable selection of healing goodness options here in Vietnam!

The next day after my chicken stir fry, I went to the market as per usual but this time really paid attention to my senses.  Fruit and vegetables LOOK delicious and my eyes were so attracted to the variety of colors.

Before I’d buy a mango from my fruit vendor, she would often smell it to make sure it was fresh and in it’s best ripeness to eat that day.  Mangoes do smell amazing!

While shopping at these fresh stalls, I asked myself:  what foods make me feel vibrant, aligned with my values and in flow with nature?  I happily filled up my cloth bags with foods I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into or cut up for my kids to enjoy.

Lots of veggies (our kids love carrots, cucumber and cherry tomatoes the most), home made tofu, sweet potatoes to steam, pumpkin and mung beans to stew up with coconut milk, ginger, garlic and cinnamon.  Local sesame seeds, peanut butter, sugared coconut pieces…

And the fruit!!!  Mango, papaya, dragon fruit, soursop (one of my new fav’s), guava, oranges for fresh orange juice, longan and rambutan (like lychee), those little delicious bananas that are small but a dark yellow/orange inside and bursting with flavor.  Local watermelon.  YUM!!  My mouth and cells were watering!