Animal Heart Connections

It wasn’t until Hoi An that I had the space and routine to walk everyday.  In the fields I watched little calves trot up to their moms and get licky kisses, birds soar above in their little bird families.  By the river, dogs would frolick alongside me, with happy wagging tails. There are these two geese that are inseparable and honk at me each morning, plus two love ducks that cuddle and watch the river together like an old couple.

All these animals and their natural behaviors awakened a sense of awe and childlike delight about animals I don’t often engage with in Canada. But it was also like I was really witnessing and observing animals in a way I haven’t before.  There was some Hmmm here for sure!

And Now We Have a Pet!?

The morning “Cutie Pie Cute-Cute” came into our lives.

The funniest “what the!?” was when I was walking my son home from school and a kitten came running after him, mewing and trying to cuddle him.  You know the question my son asked was “Mommy, can I keep it?”

My mind flashed to a moment I had told my husband “the only cat I would consider in the future would be a female grey tabby, with light eyes”.  I think you know already that this is exactly the cat that cuddled my son.

I had to act, as I knew that if I walked away I would think about that kitten all day nonstop, then go back to look for it.  So I acted!  For the first time I heard myself say with joy “Yes! You can keep it!”  

It was so nice to flow forward.  And it just felt right!  Like a knowing that this was meant to be (for now in Vietnam or permanent, we haven’t figured that one out yet!) 🙂

My Last (Meat) Supper

Tonight I ordered a  chicken stir fry.  I really paid attention to the taste, texture and feel of each item I put in my mouth.  I asked myself these questions when I considered a mouthful:

  1. How does the rice make me feel?  (neutral)
  2. How does eating the vegetables make me feel? (great!)
  3. The sauce?  (yummy!)
  4. How does eating the meat make me feel?   (Actually, not so great! It really was chewy, dry animal flesh.  I ate it without enjoyment, and had the feeling that it was the last taste of meat I’d have in a long time.)


The People I Attracted and Felt Heart Connections With

This was a big “What the??”  The people I began to meet and connect to (you know the ones, they feel like instant friends) were either Vegetarian or Vegan. Why is THAT? What’s the connection there?

Sara was the first connection I made.  She is a mama to 2 thriving kiddos, a vegan chef, yoga teacher and the administrator of the International School in Hoi An.  (We did a school visit just to check it out and our daughter immediately said she wanted to go there. What? You mean we might live here for a bit? ) 

Sara has a great partner Dane (prounnounced Dan-eh) who is also Vegan and enthusiastically shared his story and resources (Check out the Resources Category).  It was Dane who encouraged me to write this blog and share my story.  I will forever be grateful to him and his support.

It was really neat to see how their whole family is thriving on a diet that I always thought was really weird and “out there”!

Janie and Peter were next, and their two beautiful girls.  Janie is Vegetarian, and curious about Vegan.  And she has been a lovely support, and smiling face on my journey.  So understanding, open minded, and quick to ask me how I’m doing.  Love.

On another day, my son and I decided we wanted chocolate.  So we biked to the health food store and shared a delicious, nourishing bar.  We met Aryana, her husband Aaron and bubbly 4 year old daughter. Guess what they were eating? Chocolate.  (Ha ha!  Coincidence?  Nope!  Love it!)  Their family is vegan, from a line of shamans and healers, and they all have this vibrancy about them.  In particular, I noticed Aryana has really glowing skin, clear eyes,  a radiant happiness and whole body smile. Like she’s holding in a delicious knowing or secret. Hmmm? How is she like that?

March 2018 Update:  being open to who comes into my life, and taking the actions to engage with them really makes me feel vibrant and in flow with what’s happening around me, plus in alignment with what I’m meant to learn.  These experiences alone grant me all three of my current soul’s wishes!  Sweet!