The China Study: A Medical Resource

During a soccer practice yesterday with our young-ins,  I shared with a new friend my effects of fruit detoxing and eating a plant-based diet.

Potential medical evidence of what’s happening with my detox.

After watching “What the Health” and getting excited, she admitted that afterward her skepticism crept in.  She explained that she is from a medical background, and found some of the information over reached.

I was so happy she shared because it left me with the question – if I’m detoxing and coming off meds so far pretty successfully, are there not any medical publications that support what’s happening to me?

Not coincidentally, someone just last week gave me a copy of the book The China Study by T. Colin Campbell Ph.D and I just started the first two chapters.  I cannot put it down!!  This book seems like it’s going to be a major resource plus references to link alternative case studies with medical evidence.

I will write a formal review once I’ve finished the book.  But take a look in the meantime if this interests you!

Let Food Be Thy Medicine – Really. Truly.

– Hippocrates

We have all seen this quote a gazillion times!  But how many of us REALLY follow this age old wisdom?

I am fully guilty of not, because I didn’t know any better.  I didn’t know about the importance of having an alkaline body vs. acidic.  And all the symptoms that having acidosis cause.  (and I still don’t know fully!  But I’m learning!).

After my workout I intuitively wanted a juice of every green that could be juiced. Plus pineapple and lime. Felt it fuel every cell in my body!  

I invite us all to really look at these words and read them again and again.  Now think about it.  If the foods we have eaten (or not eaten!) have brought us to our current state of health, what can we eat (and not eat?) to bring us healing?  Hmmm???

The Fruit And Vegetable Market!

Unbelievable selection of healing goodness options here in Vietnam!

The next day after my chicken stir fry, I went to the market as per usual but this time really paid attention to my senses.  Fruit and vegetables LOOK delicious and my eyes were so attracted to the variety of colors.

Before I’d buy a mango from my fruit vendor, she would often smell it to make sure it was fresh and in it’s best ripeness to eat that day.  Mangoes do smell amazing!

While shopping at these fresh stalls, I asked myself:  what foods make me feel vibrant, aligned with my values and in flow with nature?  I happily filled up my cloth bags with foods I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into or cut up for my kids to enjoy.

Lots of veggies (our kids love carrots, cucumber and cherry tomatoes the most), home made tofu, sweet potatoes to steam, pumpkin and mung beans to stew up with coconut milk, ginger, garlic and cinnamon.  Local sesame seeds, peanut butter, sugared coconut pieces…

And the fruit!!!  Mango, papaya, dragon fruit, soursop (one of my new fav’s), guava, oranges for fresh orange juice, longan and rambutan (like lychee), those little delicious bananas that are small but a dark yellow/orange inside and bursting with flavor.  Local watermelon.  YUM!!  My mouth and cells were watering!

My Last (Meat) Supper

Tonight I ordered a  chicken stir fry.  I really paid attention to the taste, texture and feel of each item I put in my mouth.  I asked myself these questions when I considered a mouthful:

  1. How does the rice make me feel?  (neutral)
  2. How does eating the vegetables make me feel? (great!)
  3. The sauce?  (yummy!)
  4. How does eating the meat make me feel?   (Actually, not so great! It really was chewy, dry animal flesh.  I ate it without enjoyment, and had the feeling that it was the last taste of meat I’d have in a long time.)