My First Conversation with a Certified Detox Specialist

I was connected with Kaylie McCarthy through a member of the Fans of Dr. Morse ND group on Facebook.  She has a degree in Psychology and is a certified Detox Specialist.   I called her March 5 and had an amazing conversation. She was able to give me a few quick tips on my food intake, which included making sure I was eating lots of greens as well as high fruit.  On this call I learned:

  1. Fruit and greens contain protein and amino acids (our body’s building blocks) that can be readily used by the body.  Vs. animal proteins that have to be broken down first to get out the amino acids. She mentioned that I might enjoy inputting my food intake into a nutritional counter and see exactly what nutrients are in fruit and greens.  Yes, yes I think I would!  🙂
  2. Beware of fats (I had been craving avocado and nuts when only eating fruit, thus adding the greens) as eating too many of them will pull me down.  Small amounts are fine, ie once a week.
  3. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) has done a great job of connecting emotions to our organs.  For example, anger is processed and detoxed in the liver.  THIS IS KEY!  Kaylie is going to provide me with a full consult and ongoing care to help me determine which organ is responsible for my depression.  Then help me detox and strengthen it.

I can’t wait to do my full consult on March 11 and move in deeper!

My Brain Explosion About Bodybuilding and Depression

My new amazing friend Aryana took me to lunch at a Vegan restaurant and ordered for me.  Near the end of this delicious, highly satisfying and nourishing meal, a huge bodybuilder guy (Shawn) walked in and sat down at a table.  My jaw dropped.  I immediately turned around in my seat and asked him if he was vegetarian.  He said “No, I’m Vegan”.  My jaw dropped a few more inches.  So of course I had to ask him a few more questions!

Me:  “How do you have so much muscle on your body if you’re Vegan?”

Shawn:   “I follow information from Dr. Sebi.  He’s a vegan doctor who really taught me about the body.  I follow his food recommendations”

Me:   “And do you do bodybuilding?”

Shawn:   “No, not really anymore.”

Me: (The question struck me)  “I did a bodybuilding competition a number of years ago and I got clinical depression a few years later.  Do you think the two are connected?”

Shawn: “Oh definitely!  I was not right in the head after.  And it’s really common among the bodybuilding community.” 

Me: (Brain Blow up) “ How did you heal it?”

Shawn: “Fasting.  Eating tons of fruit.  Getting off meat and animal products.  It was really cleansing and it cleared a lot of sh*t and water out of my body.  I lost a lot of weight and some muscle, healed myself then began to rebuild way better than before.  I’m even stronger than I used to be.”

Me: (Double brain blow up, jaw now on floor).

So my question was now answered about the body being very capable of having lots of lean muscle mass on a vegan diet, AND more importantly – a connection has now been made between eating animal products and depression!!  I’m on to something huge!

(I wish I had a photo of Shawn.  But just try to picture 6′ 4″ or so guy, with lots of muscle on him, clear skin and shining eyes.  You would have talked to him too! )