My Motivation for Detoxification

Many of us, anywhere along our journeys, have often waited until rock bottom to make a positive change.  This got me thinking in relation to all the videos I watched about Dr. Morse’s detoxification theory and illnesses.

If people are curing their cancers with the detoxification process, why wouldn’t I try to heal my depression now?  And not wait until I have a life threatening illness to make a change?  ie. brain cancer.  (Assuming one neurological condition could be related in any way to another neurological disease.  That’s just my brain going in to extreme “what if” mode.   ha ha!)

My time is now baby.  I’m not a rock bottom kind of girl.  I’ve learned to pay attention to my foot slipping off the rock pile.


The China Study: A Medical Resource

During a soccer practice yesterday with our young-ins,  I shared with a new friend my effects of fruit detoxing and eating a plant-based diet.

Potential medical evidence of what’s happening with my detox.

After watching “What the Health” and getting excited, she admitted that afterward her skepticism crept in.  She explained that she is from a medical background, and found some of the information over reached.

I was so happy she shared because it left me with the question – if I’m detoxing and coming off meds so far pretty successfully, are there not any medical publications that support what’s happening to me?

Not coincidentally, someone just last week gave me a copy of the book The China Study by T. Colin Campbell Ph.D and I just started the first two chapters.  I cannot put it down!!  This book seems like it’s going to be a major resource plus references to link alternative case studies with medical evidence.

I will write a formal review once I’ve finished the book.  But take a look in the meantime if this interests you!

Let Food Be Thy Medicine – Really. Truly.

– Hippocrates

We have all seen this quote a gazillion times!  But how many of us REALLY follow this age old wisdom?

I am fully guilty of not, because I didn’t know any better.  I didn’t know about the importance of having an alkaline body vs. acidic.  And all the symptoms that having acidosis cause.  (and I still don’t know fully!  But I’m learning!).

After my workout I intuitively wanted a juice of every green that could be juiced. Plus pineapple and lime. Felt it fuel every cell in my body!  

I invite us all to really look at these words and read them again and again.  Now think about it.  If the foods we have eaten (or not eaten!) have brought us to our current state of health, what can we eat (and not eat?) to bring us healing?  Hmmm???

My First Conversation with a Certified Detox Specialist

I was connected with Kaylie McCarthy through a member of the Fans of Dr. Morse ND group on Facebook.  She has a degree in Psychology and is a certified Detox Specialist.   I called her March 5 and had an amazing conversation. She was able to give me a few quick tips on my food intake, which included making sure I was eating lots of greens as well as high fruit.  On this call I learned:

  1. Fruit and greens contain protein and amino acids (our body’s building blocks) that can be readily used by the body.  Vs. animal proteins that have to be broken down first to get out the amino acids. She mentioned that I might enjoy inputting my food intake into a nutritional counter and see exactly what nutrients are in fruit and greens.  Yes, yes I think I would!  🙂
  2. Beware of fats (I had been craving avocado and nuts when only eating fruit, thus adding the greens) as eating too many of them will pull me down.  Small amounts are fine, ie once a week.
  3. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) has done a great job of connecting emotions to our organs.  For example, anger is processed and detoxed in the liver.  THIS IS KEY!  Kaylie is going to provide me with a full consult and ongoing care to help me determine which organ is responsible for my depression.  Then help me detox and strengthen it.

I can’t wait to do my full consult on March 11 and move in deeper!