Asking The Universe for Help

When I get really stuck and frustrated, I pull out my journal.  Looking back, this is the entry that propelled my healing journey.

December 25, 2018

Dear Universe, Dad (he’s up there too), Angels and Archangels,

I’m now obsessed with my body.  I feel as though I’m getting wider and softer.  I really want to feel and look lean and toned!  I would really like regular opportunities to get flow exercise that uses all my body’s muscles and to keep up my energy.

I would also like to attract the foods and quantity of food that will serve me.

I would also really like to have more energy for my kids.  To really help us all learn and grow on this adventure.  What country/area in the world will support my desires?  Can you please show me where to go, how to get there, and what supports Anton and I need to gain the space and energy for our bodies, minds and children?

I leave this with you please and am so grateful.