About Me and My Depression

Once upon the year 1977, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, my little explorer self was born into a loving family and given the name “Colette”.   Childhood was a blessing of grass stains, water fights and charlie horses with my siblings.  Loving kisses were never forgotten at bedtime by my parents.

My body grew along with my curiosities and over the years my favorite discoveries were nature, athletics, boys, relationships, marriage, and childbirth.  It has all been so fascinating to me!

Just after college, my intrigue regarding the health of the human body almost took me towards an education in Nutrition.  But this felt so limiting!  What are all the elements that make up a thriving spiritual being having a human experience?

Family Cure Depression
Family. My biggest motivator to be cured.

With my magnifying glass stylishly in place, my human exploration continued until BAM!  One morning in 2006, from what seemed like out of know where, I woke up crying and unable to get out of bed for no conscious reason. 

My truck drove itself to my medical doctor and my hand was given hopeful little pills.  Ahhhhh…  a little lift, a little numb, a little better.

With my magnifying glass dusted off,  I got married, had two children and my exploration tilted towards depression and alternative therapies such as Naturopathy, Reiki, Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Meditation, and Neurofeedback.  But the little pills continued down my throat as my body sensed that my depressions’ root cause was not yet addressed.  Or maybe it couldn’t be fully addressed because of the pills?  Hmmmm??

Blast forward to 2018 and our family took a year off to travel the globe.  After 4 months in Asia and a collection of more cool experiences that we could count, we arrived in the small town of Hoi An, Vietnam.

The energy of this town was interesting and caused my invisible antenna to rise.  All of a sudden, we were renting a house.  School had found our daughter, and an unwanted kitten had claimed our son.

Something was happening!!!!????