Post Workout Blended Greens

I woke up with so much energy this morning!  And I am down to my final last half of my Seroquel dose.  It’s a great day!

With all of my energy, I rode my bike to the gym, did a quick and hard weights workout, then rode home.

I didn’t feel like chewing a salad so I asked Anton to split a coconut for me and pour the coconut water into the blender.  Then I added an avocado, tons of greens and mint, some lime juice, salt and blended it up.

I slurped it back with small pieces of tumeric, the size of pills, dipped in black pepper (to activate the circumin in tumeric).  This will really help me recover with less inflammation.

I wouldn’t say that it was delicious (I prefer juiced greens after exercise) but the nutrition felt right and I’d do it again!

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