Who I Am…

In my intuitive healing report from March 10, 2018,  Tania was guided to have me fill in this sentence:  I am not my thoughts, I am not my emotions…I am…

I woke up again at 1:00 am and I could tell my body was alert and ready to receive information.

So I asked myself “Who am I?”  As with most divine messages I receive, I wasn’t even done asking the question and a response was flowing into my head.

I am a beautiful soul with much to contribute to my global community.

Wow!  Simple, powerful and profound!   So nice to know this so that when any lower energy thoughts come into my head, I can gently brush them aside and know who I really am.

I am so grateful for Tania’s guidance, and for my openness to have these messages flow through me.  And I’m very proud of myself for coming downstairs at 1:00 am to let this flow into my fingers.   Flow… this one was of my soul’s desires and it feels amazing!

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