Light in My Eyes

Today, my good friend Janie shared with me that since she had met me in January, today I had a light in my eyes!  She said I was “fizzy”.  (She’s from the UK, I just love her expressions!)

This was interesting!  On reflection, I realized I hadn’t shared something else that I’ve been doing every day for the last few weeks: closing my eyes and pointing my face at the sun for 5 minutes of brain sunshine.  It feels amazing!      

My friend Aryana first shared this information when she noticed me on the beach in my big sun hat and sun glasses.  I’ve been sun-conscious since I was 22 or so, trying to avoid getting leather skin.  And really, it’s worked very well for my skin.  But maybe I was also denying my eyes and brain the feel good light from the sun?

When I first tried to point my face at the sun, I felt blinded and my eyes watered.  They were so sensitive!  Aryana said that it often feels this way for people that need more sun in their eyes!

So now, after I put my eyes in the direct sun for a short time, I try to just wear my hat for protection, and not wear my sunglasses all the time like before.  I’m still wearing a natural mineral sunscreen on my face and upper body for aging and sun spot protection.  I’ll see how this works for me.

Here’s a video from Dr. James Kruse that explains a little more.  Yes, another rabbit hole to jump down!  (I will soon!)

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