Country Music In Vietnam!? LOVE!

Tonight at 7 pm, I was in my jammies with ginger poultices on my chest and back from the local TCM Doctor.  I’m putting my son to bed when I hear country music (yes!!! “Tim McGraw, Something Like That” –  real boot bouncing country music!!) coming through very loud speakers! I can’t believe what I’m hearing!  I’m in Vietnam!!

I race through Dr Seuss, kiss Ashton goodnight, tag off with Anton, run down the stairs and zip my rain jacket over pajamas reeking of ginger.

I run down the side alley to this stage area right by us and it’s quiet. I think hopefully “maybe they are getting the next kick ass song ready!) but then another cheesy, Vietnamese ballad starts! What the!?

I walk over to the dj’s setting up for a show, witness their up and down look of me and snigger, then I pull out my phone to try to google translate “can you put on a country song like you were just playing???”. But it gets lost in translation. I get the hand wiggle that says “ it’s not working”, then the older lady setting up chairs shouts “HEY” “YUUUU! (That’s how it sounds in Vietnamese) and she gestures me to leave. Definitely felt like she was saying “get your tourist, white, google-translate ass out of our way while we set up for this show! (That’s going to blare in your neighborhood all night long).

(Ha ha!  I so wish I had a video or photo of this experience but it all happened fast and was quite dark).

Country Music, thanks for lighting up my soul for the brief moment you existed, in a place that I assumed never knew you.  You really light me up and reminded me that music and dancing makes me feel vibrant.  I noticed you and I know it to be true for me.

One of my many memorable nights out dancing with amazing friends.

I will love you with all my heart and dance your face off once I’m back in Calgary. 😉

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