Body Jerks During Reiki

Today I had a Reiki healing session with Nicole at Nomad Yoga here in Hoi An.

I love Reiki.  It’s a calming, do nothing but relax and sleep kind of energy balancing that’s amazing.  You feel so calm and relaxed about life after.

As Nicole started, I felt my body relaxing and getting near a sleep state.  But my body would jerk and convulse each time I got more relaxed.  When Nicole got to my stomach (I have a huge scar from a diastasis repair surgery I had last June) my whole body convulsed so violently that it shocked the both of us.  And the smaller jerking continued the rest of the treatment.

Both of us intuitively felt that this was my body’s way of flicking toxins out of my system.

What’s really interesting too and a link, is that after my surgery when I was bed tied and healing – every time I almost fell asleep my body would jerk me awake really violently!

Nicole also told me that I had a strange energy in my legs.  As I wrote in my March 5 post, I asked a new detoxing friend online (From The Fans of Dr. Morse FB Page) what this was and he said that I was not taking in enough calories.  (Of course I corrected this right after.  See my March 5 – What Happened Over 20 Days On Mostly Fruit – post for more details)

Anyway, this was all very interesting!  I had to share.

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