My Next Steps + Hope For My Personal Healing

  1. Watched every video I could find by Dr. Robert Morse on Depression, Anxiety and other conditions of interest.  (He can be intense at times and go off on tangents, but just ignore this and pay attention to his knowledge and experiences).
  2. Joined the Fans of Dr. Robert Morse ND on Facebook.

    Amazing community of people naturally healing themselves.
  3. Posted a question on this Fans Of… forum.  “Has anyone healed their depression and safely gotten off antidepressants doing a detoxification?  And using Dr. Morse’s theory about getting your body alkaline?”  I received tons of replies from people that had the same question, plus many that are currently healing themselves or have done it!  Whoooooooot!
  4. Continued eating just fruit, one kind at a time, in mass quantities at each meal and snack.  

“Can’t Touch This!…”  Duh nuh nuh nuh (M.C. Hammer!)

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