Awakening with Information

A new friend named Ash that Anton met at a party told him to watch ’What the Health’ on Netflix.  I’m so happy we watched it together. It was important that we both got the same information at the same time, so that our brains could explode together.  

While there are a few information embellishments and holes, you can’t watch this movie and not feel that you came out of the dark.  You won’t believe what you didn’t know before. (Anton and I recommend that you watch it unbiased first, then research the holes if this interests you).

Also, best if you watch this one first then the videos that follow.  It all seems to make better sense in this order, but totally up to you!

What the Health Trailer:

My healer friend Aryana sent me these short videos on the simplicity of the body by Dr. Morse. Robert Morse, N.D., D.Sc., M.H..  I ate the videos for lunch (not literally, I ate tons of fruit!)  

How is it that all this time the medical community has focused so much on the feeding, kitchen system of our bodies (food to digestion, to blood, to cells) and not the drainage, toxin and cell “poop” sewer system of our bodies?  Look at all the diseases and illnesses it affects! Geez!

Dane, Sara’s partner sent me these two great short videos as well.  They were game changers.

Again, it was important that we watched these together or on the same day.  Way easier for making family decisions. Which we did promptly for us, and a few changes for our kids.  We are curious to see how these go!

Stay curious, take action to watch them then see what you think/feel!


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