And Now We Have a Pet!?

The morning “Cutie Pie Cute-Cute” came into our lives.

The funniest “what the!?” was when I was walking my son home from school and a kitten came running after him, mewing and trying to cuddle him.  You know the question my son asked was “Mommy, can I keep it?”

My mind flashed to a moment I had told my husband “the only cat I would consider in the future would be a female grey tabby, with light eyes”.  I think you know already that this is exactly the cat that cuddled my son.

I had to act, as I knew that if I walked away I would think about that kitten all day nonstop, then go back to look for it.  So I acted!  For the first time I heard myself say with joy “Yes! You can keep it!”  

It was so nice to flow forward.  And it just felt right!  Like a knowing that this was meant to be (for now in Vietnam or permanent, we haven’t figured that one out yet!) 🙂

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