The Fear

At this point fear started to creep in around the thought of eating Vegan, and turning away from meat and dairy.  The really deep seated, uncomfortable sensation that you are going down a rabbit hole and you can neither dismiss everything you are learning, but neither can you go back.  

The biggest fears for myself and my partner Anton were around eating with friends and celebrating holidays.  Ham or Turkey at Easter and Thanksgiving.  Christmas dinners.  Burgers and rib bbq’s in the summer.  Would we now be considered weirdos and cause discomfort in the whole family?  Would we actually enjoy eating a vegan or vegetarian diet?

While I can usually go for quite a while on a new way of eating, Anton had a quick fear to come up around missing out on tastes and textures.  And foods that were common and a comfort for him.

Another big question for me was around my body image and body type.  Most vegetarians or vegans I have met to date did not appear to have much lean muscle mass.  Over the years, I have enjoyed building muscle, feeling strong, and having a leaner build. Was it possible that the body was capable of eating a plant based diet, AND having a strong, lean body?  Another question for the universe that I hoped I would find answers to.

Despite this gnawing discomfort, I had all these new questions and I wanted to learn more.

I’ve also learned from many people in my life, that all of our emotions really come down to two emotions when you ask yourself enough questions:  Love and Fear (Check out The Work of Byron Katie) .  So as with other fears in my life, I choose to move away from all these fears, trust that everything is going to be fine (as everything really has always been fine!) and keep moving towards the foods, people and experiences (including eating experiences) that make me feel love and loved.


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